Industrial Processes And Waste Stream Management


Howard H. Guyer & Guyer






INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES and WASTE STREAM MANAGEMENT This book provides environmental technology students with a quick, enjoyable way to master the knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement successful, cost-effective industrial pollution control programs, especially when used in coordination with the Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management video series produced by INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications. The first section of the book lays the conceptual foundations with a detailed overview of waste stream management tools and regulations and the four EPA-approved treatment methods: physical, chemical, thermal, and biological. The following 20 chapters are organized by industry, and provide a fascinating case-by-case exploration of industrial processes and how the waste streams they generate are managed in all major industries, including petroleum, chemicals, mining, metals, paint, textiles, agriculture, paper, printing, nuclear, medical, and more. Features that make Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management an ideal introduction to the subject for environmental technology students, include: * Acclaimed, user-friendly, modular format found in all the books in the Preserving the Legacy series * Basic anatomy, physiology, and chemistry concepts that help clarify how toxins interact with living tissue * Proven, rapid-learning modular format-each chapter features learning objectives, topic summaries, chapter-end reviews, and practice questions * Helpful sidebars that highlight critical concepts * More than 175 high-quality line drawings, photographs, diagrams, charts, and tables * Numerous easy-to-perform, skill-building classroom activities * A glossary of more than 1,000 essential terms * Extensive bibliography of recommended readings in all key subject areas Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management is also an excellent refresher/quick-reference guide for practicing environmental technicians.