How To Make On Farm Composting Work - Sustainable Recycling Of Waste To Land


Bill Butterworth






For those interested in recycling, this book is invaluable: if you would like to know how the closed loop, which so many people talk about, really works; if you produce or handle wastes and spend a lot of money putting it to landfill. Do you know if it could be recycled to land? You will probably be surprised; if you are a farmer and want to farm to produce better crops without mineral fertilizers; if you want to produce crops using wastes as fertilizer and go on to produce biofuels with a staggeringly attractive Carbon footprint; if you want to reverse global warming; and, if you need practical support to recycle to land in an environmentally sustainable way which is financially sustainable too. For all of these questions this is the place to start, here and now. This book is about the technology of farmers who are doing it now. Farmers producing food and fuels in a way that they could still be doing in a thousand years from now.