Garden Composting - How Garden Recycling Works


Bill Butterworth






This title presents hands-on, know-how and understanding of practical delivery of integrated, closed-loop gardening from waste delivering real sustainability. It includes your Safety Check List and how to calculate your own positive garden Carbon Footprint. If you do nothing else with this book but read Chapters 1 and 11, you will find the why do it and calculate the Carbon footprint for your garden. It that is enough; that's fine. If you want to know how it all works; that's the bit in between. If you do not have some at least school chemistry, you will find the language new but take it one step at a time, not too much at once, and you will get there. This is really exciting in terms of the contribution you are making to being green and understanding what everyone else talks about but most know little of how it really works. If you can manage to get through it and grasp most of it, then you will be able to answer a fundamental question about whether the way you garden is really green; if you carry on doing what you are doing now, will it all still be working just the same in a thousand years?